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Sugo Pizza is among the best of the best

Sugo Pizza in Shekou

Authentic Italian Pizza Now in Shekou

When searching for authentic Italian pizza in Shenzhen China, there are now many choices to choose from. I was a bit bummed out when I first when to Shenzhen because I couldn’t find a good pizza spot. There was one French place that I wasn’t crazy about but it was all I knew so I went there religiously for my pizza fix. Ever since then, many spots have popped up offering American style like Artisans or Italian style like Azzuro. Once this pizza fad began to grow, many restaurants began to showcase their versions of pizza and pizzerias began opening across the city.

From this large pool of pizza spots, we at Shenzhen review began to do our own ranking based on the cheese, sauce, crust and overall taste. That said, I was really happy to find Sugo in Shekou. This Italian restaurant made it on the Top 5 Pizza List for me and has never let me down since I have been there.

Sugo Pizza in Shekou


Sugo has been in Shekou for quite some time and is ran by the owner, Weiling. Weiling has worked and lived in Italy for over 13 years and while living there, learned a lot about the food and culture of Italy. She would later bring that culture back to China and open Sugo in Shekou to share her experiences.

What I like about Sugo is that you are getting a quality experience with imported ingredients from different parts of Italy. All meats here are imported from Calabria and the other ingredients are fro other areas of Italy.

Pesto Pasta by Sugo

Weiling is not just one of those owners who started a restaurant without much knowledge but she filled my head with countless knowledge of the food and in-depth knowledge of the history and culture and why each ingredient is picked. So let’s dive into the pizza.


Pepperoni and Meditteranean were the pizzas of choice so that I could focus on the sauce, cheese, and dough. Something I learned from Weiling is that the first pizza name was Margherita after a queen who requested bread to be brought with tomato sauce and cheese – just a fun fact to throw out there. The Mediterranean was made from Bell peppers, ham, cherry tomatoes, Calabria sun-dried tomatoes, pepperoni, and spinach.

Mediterranean Pizza by Sugo


One thing that I learned from Weiling is that if the pizza dough is made too quickly without a process of fermentation, it is usually made with a ton of chemicals that can cause cancer later on in your stomach. The crust here was great and didn’t give you that bloated feeling. This is because she is using the simple formula of imported flour (2-3 different kinds), water and seasoning to create it. It is then put in a 24-hour fermentation or “levitation” period.

I loved the overall flavor of the dough, I feel like it was seasoned well which is actually hard to find in Shenzhen since most locals prefer very little salt in their crust.



Its funny that the name Sugo is actually Italian for “sauce” and this is because Weiling knows the importance of a fresh sauce. A can of skinless imported tomatoes is the base of the sauce at Sugo. The tomatoes are blended and seasoned (wish I knew how) to make the perfect balance of acidity and flavor. All I do know is that the sauce is great and I wish more of it was added to the pizza I tried.

Pepperoni Pizza at Sugo in Shekou


If a pizza is called a Margherita, there are certain laws that it has to follow and the main law is that it must use a buffalo cheese. Weiling didn’t hold back on this tradition and made the pizza using chunks of Italian buffalo cheese in the pizza. On the pizzas like the pepperoni and Meditteranean, it was made from an imported Italian cheese for most other pizzas such as the pepperoni that I also tried.

Pepperoni Pizza by Sugo

Overall I loved the service I received there. The atmosphere is very warm although the venue could be larger in my opinion. you can’t really fit too many people inside so most of the business here is delivery and take out. I think the maximum capacity would be 30 people if you have a large party. Still, It is a tucked away gem in Shekou and worth a try.

Place Address (English/Pinyin): 

No.116, Block 3, Nanhai E-Cool Area, Gongye 3 Road, Shekou, Shenzhen

Place Phone: 

+86 (755) 26672667

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Review overview


The Pros

  • Great Food
  • Great Service
  • Great Ingredients

The Cons

  • Needs more space


8.2Loved my time here and the great service I received from the staff and owner. It's definitely one of my favorite spots in Shekou.