Bésame Mucho Brings Authentic Mexican Food to Nanshan

Bésame Mucho

Now as of this writing there has been an explosion of Mexican restaurants in SZ. I won’t name them but they’re more now then there has probably ever been in this city.  While this is great for any foodie, it must be difficult to know which one to choose?  Well with Bésame Mucho the choice is easy because it’s the ONLY authentic Mexican restaurant in the entire city.  Eating here will not only give you a taste of Mexico, but you will be transported across the globe and actually feel that you are at La Mesa on a beautiful evening, listening to romantic music, and enjoying a delicious local meal from the heart of Mexico.  That is what Bésame Mucho does to its customers.

Front Entrance of Besame Mucho

Intimate feel
Upon approach to Bésame Mucho, the first thing that struck my mind was the outdoor seating filled with happy, relaxed, smiling people eating, drinking and laughing. That gives an instant feeling of welcome to anyone who comes here.  I was instantly greeted by a kind, attentive staff who spoke English. The interior has an intimate feel, with a Mexican flag on the wall, black and white pictures, the band above you looking down, it has a great romantic, feeling.

Besame Mucho Interior

In fact, many couples come here on a 1st date location, because it feels safe and romantic.  And that’s fitting with the name Bésame Mucho, a famous love song world over which has been sung and covered by many people in many languages.  It means ‘kiss me a lot’ and it really does fit what Christian (the owner and chef) is trying to achieve here.  To Christian, this song represents Mexico as a place for elegance and class. This is the feel he is wanting for his restaurant and why he named it after this song.

Well known chef

Christian is a well known and well-liked restaurateur and chef and is well respected amongst the foody community. Formally from Mambo in Shuiwei, it was built into a very popular location, creating fusion food and turning staples such as tacos into high-end food.  However Christian wanted to promote and produce authentic Mexican cuisine, no Tex-Mex here please, and so BésameMucho was born.  Christian sees every visit, every dish, every drink, every customer experience as a taste of Mexico.

Christian Saldana @ Besame Mucho

He firmly believes that himself and his food are ambassadors for Mexico and that everything, from food to service, decoration to music should be perfect.  And that 100% shines through in everything that Bésame does, and it was a delight to be there. Christian has so so much passion, it almost bursts through him in flames, and when he was talking about his food and his ideas and his goals for Bésame you could really see how much it meant to him. It’s a rare passion that he has, and I could only hope that it would spread through the F&B industry in SZ like a wildfire.

New Menu

After 4 months in business the menu has been refreshed and updated, again all authentic and all high, high quality.  Some of the new items on the dinner menu include Gratin Cheese (88RMB) (queso fundido) which is molten cheese with homemade chorizo and grilled fresh spring onions.  It comes with sauce on a fresh corn tortilla. And a chili slices taco with a creamy mushroom sauce (22RMB)(las raja poblanos) which is very popular in Mexico for this current celebration day.
The mole with a chicken taco (22RMB)is a new and improved recipe which absolutely blew my mind. It contains 28 ingredients and it is a Besame Mucho guarded secret, the mole is a unique recipe which has been mastered by Christians extensive background of living and traveling to different places in Mexico, you won’t taste anything like this in China I can assure you of that. It is painstakingly prepared, with an 8-hour preparation and cook time, you can bet your bottom dollar that this has a lot of love and passion.
And boy oh boy can you taste that with every bite, it’s so good that just 1 taco is not enough to satiate your desire for more more more. My absolute favorite and star of the show (my opinion) are the Mayan Pork Taco (22RMB).  Using Spanish pork which is cooked for 4 hours in an oven wrapped in a banana leaf, it produces the most tender and juicy pork meat you can ever imagine.  I literally said WOW, and that WOW factor is exactly what Christian is aiming for with Bésame Mucho.  It’s these high-quality consistent dishes that have become the hallmark of Bésame Mucho, time and time again you’ll leave with the WOW experience.

Lunchtime delights

Recently, a new lunch menu has been added and launched.  This opens mouthwatering possibilities for a delicious flavourful bite during lunch on a busy workday, just what the soul needs to get through the afternoon grind.  The menu includes scrambled eggs with chorizo (48RMB), a homemade chorizo burrito (48RMB), chicken breast with chipotle (58RMB), red too with chicken (48 RMB) and a high-quality (sandwich) (68RMB)

Tacos at Besame Mucho

It is available every day between  12-2pm

This is a further expansion of an already high-quality menu, and will sure to give its diners the WOW factor during their lunchtime bite, and you could eve go back for dinner to and sample even more! Bésame Mucho is THAT good!

Tacos with Salsa and Guacamole @ Besame Mucho

ADDRESS: 深圳市南山区南海大道,创业路3023号交汇處 凯德公园一号L1-06号铺
PHONE:+86 13828721312