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Teachers Coffee

Teacher coffee is a coffeeshop that’s been very popular with expats and locals alike in the Bao’an area. Started by Englishman Yaz Ijaz and his Chinese partners, it provides a great alternative to those chains that seem to be on every corner. I first heard about this place around 12 months ago and have been several times since, with great experiences each time.   Independent coffee shops, while rare in SZ can be found, but finding a place that balances value for money with a great coffee can be tricky. Teacher Coffee provides this.

Cool Vibe

What immediately struck me was the cool decoration.  Lots of little touches that give it a cool but cozy feeling.  From the graffiti art to the sign posts to London, to the guns (very cool) and the drum kit.  This was not the sort of decoration usually seen in SZ.  In fact, I really like the semi indoor/outdoor feeling of the seating.  It’s a great way to rest away a lazy afternoon or to relax with friends.

Cool Style

Coffee that doesn’t break the bank

As you all know, coffee can be expensive in China. The options can go to a smaller coffeeshop and pay more money(35-40RMB) or go to the bigger chain like Starbucks and get a large coffee for around 33 RMB but which really is not good coffee in my opinion.  Teacher Coffee finds the balance.  At 25 RMB for a coffee its darn good value and the important thing, the coffee is great! The latte looked great, arrived warm but not hot (good coffee should not be boiling hot).  The fruit tea (28 RMB) is flavourful and refreshing and its perfect on the hot humid SZ days. The specialty drinks provide a different taste, the Korean lemon tea (22RMB) or the matcha latte (27 RMB) are good options for those seeking something different from the usual.

Great drinks at great prices

Great Value

Teacher Coffee also offers affordable food options too. Guangdong Beef Noodles (22RMB), spaghetti (28RMB), Chunky Chips (22RMB) and chicken wings (26RMB) as well as many others. Meaning that you can have a coffee and a good meal, and it won’t break the bank.  So, if you want to grab a bite on the go or lounge for the afternoon, this is the place for you.  The staff were very friendly and spoke great English, and the place was spotlessly clean.  Location is Fanshen metro station in Bao’ a district. But don’t let the location put you off, it’s not just for locals in the area.  You’d be well worth hopping on the metro from neighbouring districts and checking it out for yourself.  I know I’m glad that I did.

Guangdong Noodles28 RMB. Fantastic Value

Teacher Coffee: Chuangye 1st Road, Shenzhen 518000, China

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