LaPizza Brings Italian Flare to Baishizhou

Amazing Italian Pizza in Shenzhen


LaPizza was started on 17th July 2015 and specializes in Italian style pizza with fresh ingredients imported from Italy. I loved my time here when I stopped by to try their pepperoni pizza. I had been hearing mixed feeling about the pizza but really wanted to try it for myself and loved the experience. The pizza I tried (pepperoni) definitely was beyond my expectations based on what I have heard and really is worth talking about.

Pepperoni Pizza by Lapizza


The head chef lived in Italy for eight years and brought back the style of pizza that he loved and learned to Shenzhen China. At LaPizza, you find many Italian favorites such as Margarita and classic Pepperoni pizza. The sauce is handmade from imported Italian tomatoes and the cheese is made from a buffalo mozzarella. That alone puts them towards the top of my list as many pizzerias try to cut corners when it comes to the cheese used and using buffalo mozzarella is one of the cornerstones of a Margherita pizza.

Basil leaves play an important role in their pizzas and are personally grown by the owners which I think are pretty cool. If you know how we rank pizza, the fact that they are not cutting corners on the sauce, the cheese and the crust really play an important role in the fact that they are now in our top 5.

LaPizza does not cut corners in their crust, sauce, and cheese



LaPizza delivers across Shenzhen and makes a strong push at having a fast and hot delivered pizza between 11AM-10PM. They are open every day in Baishizhou.  Drinks and snacks are available from Coffee Break in the Shekou location which includes multi coffees, smoothies, and sandwiches.

LaPizza Location

Address: 中海深圳湾畔花园商业2区01层商铺3C015

Phone number: 15112255951

Review overview


The Pros

  • Great Pizza
  • Great Sauce
  • Multiple Locations

The Cons

  • Could use bigger spaces
  • CS is lacking sometimes