Tatus – Lots of Potential

If you Have been to the new Mix C mall, waling up the stairs to the 2nd (but third) floor, you are greeted with Tatus. It seems to be a western-themed restaurant showing off steaks, ribs, nachos, burgers and other western items on their menu.

I initially sat down and waited for someone to come and take my order but was instead greeted by staffers all huddled together looking at me like they are scared to come to the table (I promise I’m not that scary). Finally, one came and told me I had to order at the front in Chinese (not English friendly to be a western restaurant but whatever, we can move past that)

First thing I got was the oreo milkshake. You don’t see milkshakes often in China so I was excited to see it on the menu. Trying it, it kind’ve got me sad that there wasn’t that taste of ice cream I’m used to, it was very watery almost equal to the oreo bubble teas I see at the tea shops.

the Texas Nachos, on the other hand, is awesome. They come in small 38) large  (58). The nachos are already covered in beans, peppers and cheese beef but also come with sides of guac, sour cream, and salsa. This was the highlight of my meal, to be honest, I would come back here just for those.

Nachos by Tatus in OCT


The burger came out looking amazing. The fries were perfectly done and seasoned with a seasoned salt of some sort. What was very noticeable about the burger was that it was fried and covered in breading – that was new. Also, I got the cheese stuffed burger so it came cut in half to show the cheese int he middle (great presentation). The buns were done very well an seasoned well and also the burger I could tell had a good amount of love put into it. The only issue was the huge amount of pineapple put at the bottom of the burger. When I bit into it, all I could taste was pineapple and cheese. The flavor of the burger was completely negated which was not what the chef intended I’m sure. I had to remove the pineapple to taste the burger properly and loved the flavor of the burger but the acidic and sweet flavor of the pineapple totally ruined the experience for me. I could not properly taste anything after eating half of that pineapple.


My advice, ditch the pineapple and focus on the burger – it has enough flavors on its own.

Review overview


The Pros

  • Great location
  • Great Nachos
  • well-seasoned dishes

The Cons

  • Watery Milkshakes
  • The pineapple probably weighed more than the burger patty and took over the flavor completely
  • Staff just stared at me until one finally told me to come up to the counter to order If you have 5 people huddled around a counter at least teach them to take orders so they aren't looking bored.


6.4Altogether I can tell the food was well thought out and even the burger buns were seasoned more then I've ever seen in Shenzhen. The issues I faced were the overwhelming portion of pineapple in the burger, staff that looked lost or unwilling, and the milkshake definitely needs more ice cream if it's going to be considered a western-style milkshake. Hopefully, these things can be fixed and I can retract this review because I actually really love the concept here.