Mixed Feelings with Indian Spice in Houhai

Wonderful Food with Questionable Service

Great food but bad service

 Indian Spice Indian restaurant is a popular venue in the Shenzhen f&b community, formally the venue of ‘Little India’, there has been a curry house here for a long time.  The face of this restaurant was the much loved Vincent, a very passionate and professional host and someone who is well known to many foodies in the city.  However, he is no longer involved with Indian Spice and I’m sorry to say that this has greatly affected this restaurant.

Limited seating


What will strike you about this venue is how small it is, lucky to get 30 people in here.  This can create a great rowdy atmosphere, but if its quiet it can be the opposite.  As I was the only one eating, it felt a bit uncomfortable and eerie.  It filled up a bit later on, but still a complete lack of atmosphere.  The seating is comfortable and it’s nicely decorated but just too small and quiet.  Location is very convenient, just a short hop from Houhai metro station.  I was met with a lukewarm greeting and despite being the only one there, the service was slow, lethargic and disinterested.  This is a stark contrast to how things were under Vincent’s keen eye.

High-quality Food

 I’m pleased to say that the food here remains at the highest standards, the service may have declined but the cuisine has not.  Fresh, packed with flavour, and large portions, the food really hit the spot and left me full and satisfied.


The test of any good Indian Restaurant is a decent cup of masala chai.  I can safely say this was achieved.  It was hot and sweet and did the job. At 15 RMB it presents good value.   Another favourite of mine when at any Indiana establishment is lassi.  Indian spice has 3 choices, I went for the standard sweet lassi.  Thick, sweet and refreshing. This was quickly devoured and it tasted fantastic.  30 RMB presents standard price for this drink.

Stars of the show

I was pleasantly surprised to see lamb soup on the menu, lamb is one of my favourite dishes I was curious how this would taste. Growing up in Wales it was something I ate regularly.  It was delicious! A big chunk of soft, tender lamb, nice addition of egg added an extra dimension.  It was hot and very flavourful, well seasoned and I will most definitely go back and have it again.  28RMB was a great price for a big filling portion.

Lamb soup with egg

Aloo chicken.  This is a dish which combines 2 of my favourite ingredients, potatoes, and chicken. Aloo dishes are often my 1st choice in any Indian restaurant so I was keen to compare this against others I’ve tried. As with the lamb soup, this was a generous portion.  Presented beautifully, which is not always easy to do with curry, and especially important since the 1st bite is with the eyes.

Aloo Chicken

Lots of soft chicken combined with chunky potatoes, in a thick creamy curry made this an absolute winner.  It had a mild spice kick, nothing too strong so it should suit all curry lovers.  At 60 RMB I also think this just about presents good value for money.  I was very very full.

Overall I would say that this was a great culinary experience, as the food was absolutely on point.  But It falls short in other key areas like service and dining experience.  So a mixed bag indeed.  But don’t let that take anything away from the food, that is still of the highest quality.


Houhai Metro Station Exit E1.  2nd floor.


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Review overview

Overall Value8

The Pros

  • Great food
  • big portions
  • large menu
  • easy location
  • comfortable seats

The Cons

  • Poor service
  • bad atmosphere
  • small venue