Oh My Eggish Brings Classic Brunch Option to Seaworld

Eggs Benedict in Shekou

Classic Brunch Options in Seaworld


Brunch. A simple concept to do, but far from simple to execute. Brunch has become a big thing in SZ these days with many established and popular restaurants launching their own weekend brunch menu.  Some of these are reinventing brunch, some of sticking to the classics.  Some are great, others well let’s say not so much. However, to ONLY do a brunch dish, now that’s daring.

Classic Brunch

My favourite of all brunch dishes and possibly the most classic is Eggs Benedict. I’m a glutton for this dish eating it almost every week.  So my interest was piqued when Oh My Eggish! opened in Seaworld. Having only 4 dishes on the menu, all variations of eggs benedict/eggs Atlantic etc this aims to keep it simple and easy while satiating those who desire their brunch fix.

Smashed soya pork, brisket, double bacon or salmon are the 4 options available.  Simple but effective this takes away the over complication and lets you enjoy the experience.

The venue is small with minimal seating, this is not a place to sit and relax away the afternoon.  Uniquely decorated with soft toys and ‘nik naks’ this gives a good feeling to its patrons and provides some cool photo opportunities.

Salmon Eggs Benedict.  For the sake of this article, I’ll be referring to them all as eggs Benedict, even if some of them maybe not be in the traditional sense.

Salmon eggs benedict

This is a generous portion and looks appetizing on the plate.  The 1st bite is with the eyes after all. English muffin, pink smoked salmon, perfectly poached egg and hollandaise sauce on top makes up this dish. Pretty simple but the execution is fantastic.  The egg yolk gushes out when cut into, all that golden goodness ready to be eaten up. The hollandaise is not over powering and the quantity is the right amount. Too much or too little and the dish is ruined. The muffin is toasted well and provides a crunch, and the salmon is fresh and soft, the smoked flavors in perfect harmony with the rest of the dish.

The double bacon eggs benedict (45RMB) has 3 of the same constituents, muffin eggs, and hollandaise. But instead of salmon uses bacon. This is not as tasty as the salmon version in my opinion.  It’s missing the smoked element.  The bacon, while good, is a bit fatty and streaky for my UK tastes.  However, overall it’s still a great dish and would be good on most restaurant menus.

Hash browns (6RMB) are a nice extra on the side, good size and not too greasy or oily these finish off the dish well.

The coffee is very good. Cannot say excellent, because very few coffees in SZ actually are, but it’s a good cup.  Big size and rich body it should tick the boxes for most coffee fans.  While again, this is not the location for a long sit and a coffee, its a nice accompaniment to the dish.  At 22 RMB then its a tremendous price for what is usually a grossly overpriced item in SZ.

The menu also has an array of juices and smoothies, healthy and vibrant, these are a fantastic option to have.  Colourful and full of flavour they have ‘detox’ or ‘ energize’ options available.  What a fun and healthy way to start the morning/afternoon. Freshly made on demand, and using only the highest quality fruit and vegetables

If you like a simple brunch or like me just like eggs benedict, then I recommend that you visit here. Very friendly service, high-quality food,  nice coffee, delicious juices, and cool vibe.


Location is Gateway One Mall, Seaworld metro station.

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Review overview


The Pros

  • Good food
  • healthy juices
  • unique decoration
  • simple menu
  • medium price

The Cons

  • location
  • limited menu
  • small venue
  • uncomfortable seats