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Mary Sweets – Best Desserts Shipped To Your Home

MARY SWEETS | FILLING THE CRAVE I remember coming to Asia the first time and being culture food shocked with all the new flavors. I love trying new foods but one thing that hit me hard was the lack of...

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Braseria Pugliese

Italian Food from the Puglia Region of Italy Braceria Pugliese is an authentic Italian restaurant and wine bar with dishes originating from the Puglia region of Italy. The owner Allesio and his father Angelo originally started offering Italian cuisine in...

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Teacher coffee – Bliss in Bao’an

Teacher coffee is a coffeeshop that’s been very popular with expats and locals alike in the Bao’an area. Started by Englishman Yaz Ijaz and his Chinese partners, it provides a great alternative to those chains that seem to be on...

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Baia De Marco is located in Shekou Rose Garden and offers a great Italian dishes such as pizzas, pasta, salads and much more. We ranked their pizza in our top 5 for many reasons. BAIA DE MARCO,这间餐厅的魔力就在于即使月过半询,但是我仍久久不能忘怀初次品尝的美食,太有幸福感了! 午后的餐厅并不拥挤,雅致的环境令我的心情感到非常的愉悦。进门的右手边墙上挂满了各式的海景照引入眼帘,对于海岛长大的小编,舒适之余倍感亲切 BAIA 披萨成立于2013至今,现坐落与蛇口玫瑰园。店长MARCO 在深圳为餐厅服务有着9年的经验。主打的披萨也一直是冠军销售之一,但店家为了致力于提供最好的服务和品质,并没有因为物价的高涨和降低美食的质量,例如一份披萨的面团要经过12小时的发酵,选用意大利进口小麦粉,严格的过滤后的水,连选用什么样的盐都有不同,混与意大利CANNED番茄打成酱,保证每天都有新鲜的披萨供应给顾客……种种表明店家非常的看重每一个细节,这也是为什么回头客总是络绎不绝的前来,却满心笑言的饱足而归。人均消费58-150元不等. MARGHERITA...

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